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Videographer Perth - Top 3 Filming Locations in Perth

As a leading videographer in Perth I've had the privilege of filming at many cinematic locations around Perth and Western Australia. I've put together a short list of my favourite spots.

When many people think of Perth as a location to film, they think of hot, dry, desert type of terrain. Actually, Perth itself is a city fill of an abundance of green parks. The Perth climate in winter and spring brings a lot of rain and is actually quite cool.

Thus, there are many nice green locations and parks that you can film at around Perth. One of my favourites is Kings Park.

King's park is one of the largest public parks located in the centre of Perth, near the CBD. Although a permit is required for commercial filming, you can find more info about this on the King's Park website.

Videographer Perth
Taken in Kings Park by Sam Irwin - Videographer Perth

Another favourite spot for filming is Fremantle. With all the old buildings, and relaxed atmosphere there is a lot of character present. Although if you are filming in a commercial sense, be sure to check out the Fremantle rangers website and get the correct permits in place.

My final recommendation of interesting locations to film in Perth would be Bells Rapids Park, which is a 3km trail winding through nature and river. In this park there are many spots of use to make it look like different locations to make the best use of time on a shoot.

Belles Rapids shoot for City of Swan by Sam Irwin - Videographer Perth
Belles Rapids shoot for City of Swan by Sam Irwin - Videographer Perth

For instance you have water, riverside, rocks, trees, long grass, and open paths.

On a recent shoot I did for a client (City of Swan) I arrived at dawn to get the shots of two people walking over the bridge with the river and open expanse around them. This worked well with night golden side light, that gave texture to the water and helped the talent to stand out.

To summaries, there are many wonderful locations in Perth to use for videography and photography. Spend some more time to do some research and be sure to look more in-depth on the locations mentioned here.

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