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Documentary Video Series Commission

With my background in cinematography, and training with the New Zealand History Film Unit, I have a strong interest and experience in creating documentary films. As someone who is quite introspective, I've always been reflective of the human condition, wellness, spirituality, and I consider myself very grateful to have the opportunity in my profession to combine this passion for human interest stories and cinematography. Over the last 2 years I have worked closely with a producer in Darwin to create a series of 6 short documentaries each year. Theses films focus on people's 'turning point' or moments of transformation, and what led them to such a moment. The hope with these films is to share about ordinary people going though different circumstances, and how they approached it, what they learnt, in the the hopes that the films can leave a positive impact on the viewers, and maybe they can remember that there is something more to life. Here is one of the videos, featuring a Perth based artist, Malini Parker. Watch her story below.

2024 Sam Dylan Irwin - Freelance Videographer Perth Freelance Documentary Videographer and Filmmaker

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