What You Should Look Out For When Hiring A Drone Pilot

Drone technology is becoming more accessible with the help of DJI leading the way with cost effect drone solutions. Previously to get the kind of results that you can now get with a $2,000 drone, you would have to pay nearly four times that much to use a helicopter or a more complex setup. Not only are DJI drones smaller and more practicable, but the technology platform they are based on has also progressed significantly in the last few years. This advancement has opened up the doors for anyone with some spare money to buy a drone and start offering their services. This article will share five simple things to look out for when hiring a drone or UAV operating in Australia. Hopefully, by checking these five tips, you will make sure you get the best results for your project. 1. Does the pilot hold a REPL commercial license from CASA? To fly drones commercially in Australia, the drone pilot must hold a REPL license from CASA. If the drone operator does not have this license, you might be putting your project at risk of not getting the best results. 2. Do they have public liability insurance? This one doesn't need explaining, only to say that many things can go wrong when flying drones. If something happens and you crash onto private property or cause damage, you want to have peace of mind that all precautions have been taken into consideration and bases covered. 3. Does their drone have at least a 20MB camera sensor? There are many affordable drones on the market now, but not all have cameras that will give you the best commercial results. If you are looking to use drones for surveying or inspections, this is even more important. At a minimum, I would suggest using a drone with at least a 20MB sensor. Using the correct sensor will give you enough resolution to zoom in and still keep clarity. 4. Do they have a background in cinematography? Just because someone can technically operate a drone doesn't mean they have an eye for using the drone in a way that will capture your project in the best looking way. It is best if they also have a background in filmmaking or photography. Understanding filmmaking principles will ensure that they understand camera settings, perspective, and movement effectively to create beautiful images of images. 5. Are they safety-focused and can they source permissions from CASA if needed? As mentioned earlier, there are many potential hazards when operating remotely piloted aircraft. Having someone that takes safety seriously, plans correctly and follows CASA's guidelines will ensure that your project runs smoothly and without drama. Looking to use drones in an upcoming project? Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation chat or quote for your next project. Sam Irwin RePL License Holder Perth, Western Australia

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