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Freelance Videographer Perth

As a leading freelance videographer in Perth, I bring my experience of 13 years as a cinematographer, editor and photographer to every project. Over my career, I've worked with major brands such as Nike, Sony, EMI, Uniqlo and Natural Way of Living to name a few.

When I take on a project my main objective is to listen carefully to what the client is needing while also asking the right questions. Good communication is vital for the success of any project and ensuring that the client gets the footage and final edit that they are hoping for.

I like to offer as much value as possible to my clients because I operate from a business philosophy if my clients feel they have got amazing value from my services, we both will benefit. My clients will be more likely to refer my services to others, which is what I see happen a lot.

But I'm not only thinking about my benefit, unlike the majority of business owners. When I deliver results above and beyond to my clients, that is what gives me satisfaction. Everything I do is about delivering more vaule where I can.

This is why I offer free drone video & photos within my standard half-day and full-day rates. I also include full IP rights of the original raw footage to my clients, so at some point in the future, they can use the footage to re-purpose it for other projects.

My goal is to continually set the bar higher for freelance videographers in Perth, building my name and brand into one that is synonymous with quality and trust.

My full services include videography, photography, drone, editing and video consulting. If you are looking for a freelance videographer in Perth, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your project.


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