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Wedding Cinematographer 


I picked up my first camera when I was around 13 years old. My Dad was a photographer, and some of my first memories were seeing my parents developing photos in their self-built darkroom.

That interest turned into a professional career as a commercial cinematographer, spanning for over 13 years.

I’ve always enjoyed being outside in nature. Possibly this came from growing up on a farm under the Southern Alps in New Zealand’s south island. There was something that drew me in, studying, and appreciating how light falls in nature, the idea of effortless natural beauty.

I’ve always loved the golden hour, the last moments before sunset when the light of the sun is low and the color turns a soft orange.

About four years into working as a professional cinematographer in Sydney, I realized I wanted to learn deeper about creating stories. I wanted to learn how to create a connection, to create videos that move people.

Over the next two years, I studied documentary filmmaking at the University of Otago, where I began to learn the essence of visual storytelling and structuring stories for the screen that connects.

At the same time my journey of self-introspection deepened, I had realized at the core of most things human beings long for a deeper meaning, a deeper connection. Not just with other human beings, but with nature, with life, with everything.

I realized that the tendency was to search for this connection through external activities when the deeper connection that people have been searching for is already here, at this moment, within themselves, within their own heart.

As the saying goes ‘How can you find peace without if you have not found peace within your own being first?”

These are some of the human insights that sparked my love and interest in filming weddings.

For me, weddings are a moment of celebration, of two people coming together in the name of love, giving way to something even more beautiful than that which could exist individually.

I find it a great privilege to be able to bring my commercial cinematography experience to create modern, cinematic moments. While also my passion for human storytelling, to bring out the deeper feeling of connection and warmth within my work.

I feel this is nothing less than what you deserve in a wedding cinematographer.

After spending two years in Tasmania filming various projects, I moved over to Perth at the end of 2019. What I love most about this city, especially for filming weddings and photoshoots is all the parks, rivers, trees – there are endless beautiful places within and around the city.

I enjoy connecting elements of these natural places within the shoot.

I’d love to hear from you if you are looking for a wedding cinematographer or photographer in Perth. Feel free to get in touch and check availability and my price list.

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