Natural Way of Living

Challenge: A global video capturing the essence of what Irmansyah Effendi has been sharing about the Spiritual Heart for Natural Way of Living

Creative Nugget: As an alumni of Natural Way of Living who has benefited tremendously from Irmansyah Effendi's teachings about the spiritual Heart and how to be happy and truly fulfilled in life - this was an extremely special project.


This was filmed over 12 months in three different countries. We captured authentic testimonials from over ten different alumni who each shared how much they have benefited from Irmansyah Effendi's teachings about the Spiritual Heart and the Open Heart workshops.

I then filmed different nature shots in Tasmania and Ashville, North Carolina to help tie the video together. As everything that Irmansyah Effendi and Natural Way of Living teaches is based on simple, natural reminders - not difficult techniques - but just beautiful reminders of how the Spiritual Heart is the center of the most beautiful feelings of Peace, Calmness, Joy and how the Heart is directly connected to the Creator, the Source of Unconditional Love - it felt fitting to use nature shots to capture that feeling of warmth, connection and natural freedom that comes with opening the heart to the creator.

Because I have benefited beyond my imagination, in the most beautiful ways from attending the Open Heart workshops that Natural Way of Living offers - it was an absolute pleasure to be able to help create these videos to share more about the heart.


Output: Creative, Production, 1 X hero edit 10 X short interview versions from each alumni on specific topics and benefits that they have received from attending Natural Way of Living workshops.


To learn more about Irmansyah Effendi and Natural Way of Living - visit their website

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