Transformational Coaching with Sam

Within you, right at this moment, is everything you need to make the most beautiful life.

Sometimes we can lose focus and clarity as to what is most important in life and how to take the next step forward.

A session with Sam will help you right to the core to return to your centre - your heart - to dissolve any challenge you may be facing without - by finding clarity within. 





I help people who feel a yearning to live as the most authentic, aligned, version of themselves - but are struggling with certain life challenges and unsure of the next step forward.

Are you at a crossroads in life?

Feeling weighed down by a certain situation in life or business?

Feeling disconnected and unsure of the next step forward? 

I help people to connect deeper to their centre - their heart - so an opportunity is created for effortless shifts and insights to happen right to the core.

The result? More effortless peace, flow, abundance, and harmony, in all the ways that are best.

Sessions are US$75 for 45min. Contact Sam below for a session questionnaire and to book a suitable time. 

"When you work with Sam, the first thing you notice is that you feel safe, supported and understood..."


"Sam is a truly exceptional coach for emotional liberation..."  


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About Sam

I have qualifications in Transformational Coaching from Coach Masters Academy and I'm certified as an Inner Reconciliation Facilitator from the MasterHeart Institute.

I became interested in meditation and various wisdom traditions after a personal crisis many years ago.

Over the years I've traveled around the world from Helsinki, Perth to Hobart and New Zealand attending retreats and workshops on Inner Heart, Mastering Reiki Tumo (Tumo means ‘Inner Fire’ in Tibetan), Secrets of Natural Walking 3, Secrets of Natural Dancing and Secrets of Human Health and became a graduate of Padmachaya Institute of Inner Learning.

In my experience, a deeper connection to the heart is the key to true balance and lasting fulfillment. Before I learned about this key connection of the heart, I practiced all kinds of mediations and interesting healing techniques.

Ultimately I feel that what every being is looking for won't be the result of some kind of interesting healing method or technique, but realized only when one comes to stop and rest. Only then can true, natural joy be remembered.

It's my honor to provide the space through these coaching sessions, as an offering to help you relax, slow down, to realize the blessings/beauty/love already within.