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How I Manifested A Year's Worth of Salary

I’m going to share with you exactly how I manifested a year’s worth of salary. This isn’t some vague new age theory; everything that I will share is from direct and practical experience.

Instead of the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ I am going to share with you something which I have come to experience as more powerful and effective – ‘The Law of Assumption” – and the practical application of it.

The Law of Assumption is based on a simple premise that;

“What you assume and feel to be true in imagination will manifest externally in your world.”

These simple techniques and insights have allowed me to earn a years worth of salary at once, allowing me to quit my ‘9-5’ job and enjoy the freedom to do what I really love.


This is not another tool or technique...

Yes, I share practical, proven tools how to manifest wealth, but I teach in a different way. I show people how to manifest effortlessly without pressure. This occurs when you connect to the deepest part of your being.


Watch the video below to...


  • Learn three of the most valuable lessons I’ve gained in 5 years of mastering the art of manifesting wealth consistently.


  • Learn about Real Wealth, that which is beyond the comings and goings of any experience. 


  • Learn that it is not about money, but focusing on the feeling that money brings us, that will manifest more wealth.


  • Discover your natural connection within to divine feelings of Freedom, Security, and Love that will bring to your life the most beautiful effortless manifestations.

Dive Deeper in Exactly How I Manifested a Year's Worth of Salary at Once.

I’ve compiled a book with everything you need to know about manifesting money and exactly what I did.

This book is a product of over five years of deep experimentation, practice and getting undeniable results.

I’ve written this book because I believe we are not just meant to ‘get by.’ It seems to be ingrained in our culture to focus on the avoidance of suffering.

I believe in a new paradigm where freedom, love, joy, and abundance are recognised as an inherent universal birthright.

These divine qualities don’t have to be earned through years of mediation or grueling spiritual practice but realised that within we all have a common direct connection to the highest source of love, presence, whatever you wish to call it.

In a time of mass disconnection and worldly upheaval, we have the power to change the world by uplifting our individual realities.

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